In the summer of 2009; Meghan Marie Mackie graduated from Florida State University. In college Meghan worked at a Tallahassee boutique, where she fell in love with the boutique lifestyle. Learning so much from the owners of Divas and Devils, (Michelle and Carlos Torregrossa) she began to dream of owning her very own boutique. Upon going to college Meghan didn't know what she wanted to do for a career, as graduation approached she knew exactly where she wanted to begin to turn her dreams into reality. Winter Haven, Florida.

Winter Haven (her hometown) is a small town with huge potential and lots of heart. Knowing there were girls like her that loved fashion and brands you couldn't find at the local mall, she knew she could fill the void in her hometown. In the fall of 2009 she created m.marie. She went to all the fashion markets and created a collection of her favorite brands, that weren't already locally available. Meghan is extremely grateful for the opportunities and loyal customers who have helped her expand and grow as a person and business owner.